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Official OLCC Permit Class

Who Needs an Alcohol Service Permit

Anyone who participates in any manner of mixing, selling, or serving alcohol for drinking on the premises, and anyone who manages these people, must have a liquor license or service permit issued by the OLCC. If you need a OLCC permit, simply take our easy class and learn all about being a server.  Additionally, anyone who fills "growlers" for off-premises locations also need an OLCC server permit.  

The liquor service permit allows owners, managers, supervisors, cocktail waitresses, beer jockeys, growler fillers, stadium concessions, cruise ship workers, casinos, all need the OLCC server permit to serve alcohol.  We also help volunteers working at an event that serves alcohol easily and quickly get their permit in time to work at the event. We also help alcohol monitors learn how to check IDs of patrons.

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