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How do I get an OLCC Permit?

Here is how to get your easy OLCC Permit

The easiest way to get your OLCC Permit is to take our easy online training class that works on both phones and computers.  Our class is fun and informative and guarantees you pass the final OLCC permit exam.

To get your official OLCC alcohol server permit, you need to pass the OLCC permit test.  In order to pass you should take our easy Certified OLCC permit training course and learn all the answers to the questions on the test. You will get a certificate of completion from us and then you can visit the OLCC portal and take the test.  Our course is the most fun and easiest OLCC alcohol permit class in Oregon.  

We have organized all the information so that it is easy to understand. We have included fun videos that take you through real scenarios you may encounter in your work.  We also include interesting anecdotes and jokes.